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    Hofusan Industrial Park

    In 2014, Holley established ‘Zhejiang Holley Futong Investment Co., Ltd’ with Futong Group.
    In 2015, Holley Futong developed Hofusan Industrial park with Santos in Mexico, which make it more easy and convenient for Chinese enterprises to expand Northern American market.
    In 2017, the first phase of Hofusan Industrial park was completed.
    In 2018, the second phase of Hofusan Industrial park was completed.
    In January 2019, 5 companies had settled in Hofusan Industrial park and 6 companies had intention to settle in.
    In March 2019, the first company went into operation.

    Northern American pharmaceutical R&D center

    In April 2016, KPC Group established the Northern American pharmaceutical R&D center (KONVOY Biological Science Co., Ltd) in Northern Chicago, which is the first time that Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise settle the R&D center in mid-west part of America. This R&D center focus on the new drug research of chronic diseases treatment, which greatly push the incubation and investment of new drug projects.

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