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  • 三七系列






    KPC Group was established in March, 1951;
    and came into the market in Shanghai Stock Exchange in December, 2000;
    Holley Group became the relative shareholder of KPC Group in 2002。

    KPC GroupSH 600422)which has abundant experience in medicine manufacturing field,is one of the national high-tech enterprises and top 100 in Chinese pharmaceutical industry. KPC Group owns several brands such as Luotai®,Tianxuanqing®Artemedine®., Artem®, Arco®, which has great reputation in domestic and overseas markets. Specialized in pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing, sales and global marketing, KPC develops itself into an enterprise integrated traditional Chinese medicine, chemical medicine and drug circulation.

    In Holley’s ‘Big Health’ industrial development strategy, KPC Group concentrates on the development in diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, cancer, orthopedics and gynecology through its independent research and innovation and international investment research. Based on Kunming medicine, Kunming Chinese Medicine, Baker Norton and Kunming Business, KPC Group makes great efforts to be a creative and international medicine supplier on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and chronic diseases.

    More information about KPC:http://www.kpc.com.cn

    Jianmin Group was established in 1637 with its initial name ‘Yekaitai’;
    It came into the market in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2004;
    Holley Group became the relative shareholder of Jianmin Group in 2005。

    Jianmin Group(SH 600976),which focus on the development of traditional Chinese medicine and pediatric drugs, has become one of the national key traditional Chinese medicine enterprises and pediatric drug production bases. It is a China time-honored enterprise and one of the top 100 in Chinese pharmaceutical industry, as it owns two modern brands ‘Jianmin’ and ‘Longmu’ and a time-honored brand ‘Yekaitai’。

    In Holley’s ‘Big Health’ industrial development strategy, concentrating on Chinese herbal pieces, combining with famous-region drugs, TCM diagnosis and treatment services and C2M intelligent manufacturing, Jianmin Group will fully develop its existed and new business, integrate industrial resources, reconstruct traditional Chinese medicine ecology and finally achieve the vision ‘ returning the traditional Chinese medicine as a lifestyle’.





    More information about Jianmin Group:http://www.whjm.com/

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