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    Enhancing Social Welfare, Realizing Life Values

    In the half-century development of Holley Group, there have been unique history, scenes, products, services, life and death test, reform progress, scarcity spirits...... ‘Enhancing Social Welfare, Realizing Life Values’ is Holley’s purpose, ‘Responsible to the Society and Respected by the Public’ is Holley’s view of responsibility.


    Up to now, Holley has donated more than 42 million dollars in social welfare and charity activities such as environmental protection, disaster relief, poverty alleviation and rural education. At the same time, Holley expend 44 million dollars to participate in glorious cause, the poverty alleviation activities supported by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce and developing benefits for agricultural industry. Among them, the support for the construction of western economy was 9 million dollars, the transformation of artemisinin production line was 16 million dollars, the cultivation of artemisia was 14 million dollars, and the artemisinin breeding projects was more than 4 dollars.

    Foundation Honor

    5A Foundation

    The Fifth Zhejiang Charity Award

    Special Dedication Award for Earthquake Relief

    Zhejiang Merchants'Most Influential Charitable Fund

    It is better to teach people to fish than to ‘fish’

    In 2007, Mr. Richard Wang, the chairman of the board of directors of Holley Group, personally initiated and donated the ‘Zhejiang Green Sharing Education Foundation’, which is dedicated to help poor students to complete their ‘university dream’, improve education for poverty areas and promote awareness of protecting wildlife and environment.


    Has helped 3300 + poor college students

    Green Sharing, Studying Assistant Action

    Fulfill Impoverished Students’ Dream


    Has Helped 30 + Rural Teaching Points

    Green Sharing, Teaching Assistant Action

    Fulfill Rural Teachers’ Dream


    Has Helped 30 30+ Rural schools

    Green Sharing, Dream Planning

    Fulfill Left-over Children’s Dream


    Attracted 10,000 + participants

    Green Sharing, Environmental Protection Activities

    Protecting Green Homeland, Sharing a Healthy Lifestyle
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